How Downloads Free Music Mp3 from Youtube

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Almost every day we listen to rhythm and music of various genres. Everyone likes different types of music, and may also be the same as the other. Starting from liking a song, then we start looking for the song file is probably in the form of video files or audio / mp3 on the internet or at your favorite music store.

Nowadays, almost from all over the world use the internet to search for their favorite songs. Youtube is one of the largest sites that are accessible to search audio and video files. However, often I see someone confused or does not know how to make videos on youtube to audio-only files or mp3.

Well, this time I will share how to download music videos on youtube to mp3 files. Actually a lot of ways already exist on the internet, and use a variety of tools.

Immediately, here I will try to download the mp3 file of the video on youtube using a plugin from firefox and use firefox browser too sure. For users of Firefox browser plugins you can use YouTube to MP3 is to download and install it first. Download the plugin YouTube to MP3.  Wait a few moments and then will appear a window like this, then click install immediately wrote.
After completion of the process of downloading and installing the plugin in firefox, then you will be asked to restart your firefox.  
The process was finished then restart firefox now you are ready to use.

Now go to youtube and find the video where are you going to make an mp3 file through your firefox browser. This plugin can also work together on other streaming video sites.

For how to download, you do not need to enter the url of the viseo, simply click play on the video option will then appear as shown below.

Click Video2mp3: Convert Now or Video2mp3: Convert Now (HQ) for the HQ version. Save the mp3 file it in your drive and wait for the download process is complete. 

Pretty easy is not it .. Hopefully useful for friends.
Samuel Kurnianta
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