Basic Training Trumpet

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In some trumpet, cornet or flugelhorn, pressing the valves indicated by the numbers below will appear the words ''OPEN'' which means tap valve,'' 1'' means first valve,'' 1-2'' means The first and second valves are used together and so on. By using a fourth valve (if any), put some proper pitch on the fourth valve as possible. With some additional tone models, points obtained with different tones by changing the embouchure, or where the lips and tightness, with the speed of rising air. How to play a normal fingers above high C together with the notes an octave below (C is 1-2, D is 1, and so on).

For each type of tone is not available-the series begins with the first overtone. Notes in parentheses are for the sixth overtone, with a tone represented by seven times the speed of the base, while the tone is close to the note shown, relatively light and use to play it with a finger in general should be avoided.
Basic Training Trumpet

How to play with the fingers can be seen from the width of the valve tubing. Valves '1 'expanding the breadth of tubing to produce a lower tone, valve '2' with a half step, and valve '3 'with one and a half steps. Given this chart and other types overtone allow fingers to play with certain tones.

For example, the three - space'' C'' can be produced without the use of valves or valve using 2-3. also, with some notes produced with 1-2 as well be playing with finger with valve 3 - each penurunn to pitch 1-1/2 steps. By using the fingers can be used to utilize existing facilities in certain parts. By extending the third valve when played with fingers 1-3 or 1-2-3 further points lower with light to add tone and intonation.
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