Tuba Musical Instrument

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tubaTuba is also a brass instrument with the greatest length of 90 cm. Tuba has a 3 to 5 valve and creates a rich tone but with a soft voice. This instrument is most effective when playing solo "staccato". In the orchestra there is usually only one Tuba, however in certain circumstances Tuba sometimes takes a second. The role of this instrument in the brass section is as bas. Although rarely plays the solo, sometimes also play a melody.

Symphonie Fantastique & Hector Berlioz's work is the first major work for orchestra tuba. Originally fact for r two ophicleides, but Berlioz change after learning the discovery of Tuba. Other composers who give attention to Tuba is:
  • Richard Strauss (Also sprach Zarathustra, Eine Alpensinfonie).
  • Shostakovich (Fifth symphony).
  • Stravinsky (The Rite of Spring).
  • Edgard Varese (deserts).
  • Richard Wagner (Lohengrin, Die Meistersinger von N├╝rnberg,
  • Ride of the Valkyries).
  • Sergei Prokofiev (Fifth Symphony).
In simple range or coverage area on the instrument Tuba tone is the tone of F1 (read: F cons) to f (read: small f). In the second notation tone instrument coverage area can be described as follows:

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