Percussion Instruments

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One of the instruments in the orchestra that specializes in rhythmic percussion is sexy. But unlike the popular music rhythm pattern continuously reads on, in order to maintain the tempo of the game ensembles, classical percussion in the orchestra used for artistic purposes. The role of percussion in the orchestra is to give special effects on certain parts of obstruction orchestra.

Percussion consists of various instruments designed to emit sound by being hit or shaken. Some percussion is made exclusively from metal or wood. In addition, instruments such as the drum, for example: the vibration generated by hitting the sheets stretched skin.

Percussion section in an orchestra is sometimes regarded as a "battery" of his orchestra. Members of this instrument gives emphasis-the emphasis on rhythm, evoking moments of satisfaction in the mounting, and embed splash-splash into the orchestral sound.

Percussion instruments can be classified to two categories that have a definite point of tone and the uncertain. Including the first type is kettledrums, or timpani, which consists of two or three per set. The sound produced by the timpani sticks on the piece of skin kind of material, which stretched over a metal ring on the upper lip large bowl.

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