Characteristics of Rock Music and Rock n Roll

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rock n roll and rock music

Characteristic style in rock music is in accordance with its meaning, ie loud music. High-pitched voice and a distinctive stomping rock music. A style of music entertainment that became serious in 1950, departed from the pattern of Boogie-woogie. The inventor was Fats Domino.

Vibration appears if the singer was singing the tune, the high tones will look a rock singer expertise. Type of music also character. Almost all Rock band using the name stink. Type the development rock'nroll popular song, originally from the United States and the developed Western world around 1950.

Basic rock music is the vocal solo with guitar accompaniment. Rock music evolved with a variety of musical equipment that varies as a combo-band. Real rock music in the pop category, also known by the pop-rock. The song has a rock rhythm like Final count Down (Europe), Tom Sawyer (Rush) etc..

While rock'roll vocal style similar to the style of rock music, because rock music is the development of rock'roll from the United States. As the music is expected to provide motion relating to dance.

Musical styles and features songs rock'roll carriage accompanied by body movements ranging from snaking up the jumps attractive. Motion stage rock'n roll normally stimulate the audience helped move pranced.

Rock n Roll can be defined rock and roll, but there is a translate Rock'n roll. The genre of music used to accompany dance and modern dance freely. Rock'n roll singers like Elvis Presley with the song Hound Dog, Rock and Roll Music (D'Loyd), Rock Around The Clock.

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