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jazz music

The singer, who studied jazz music, are familiar with a variety of improvised, because improvisation became the hallmark of jazz music. Changes must also be controlled accent because beauty is in the jazz rhythm this accent. Variety of musical rhythm became known around the year 1914 for the type of popular music in America from among the Negro in New Orleans.

Character jazz full of change accents (syncope) and its advantages to improvise. Jazz styles including old time jazz is swing, foxtrot, while modern jazz such as boogie-woogie.

Jazz rhythm rock a variety of pop music that is rooted in Rock'n Roll easiness touch with the cymbals by eliminating fractional value combination tones.

Characteristic rock music the beat of the bass drum there. Type jazz waltz, rhythmic 3 with combination of a touch of rock style. For example, jazz is Princess (Baskara Band), and Pastel Sea (Casiopea).

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