The Blues and Latin Music

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blues music

Music with vocals typical American, departing from black people. Blues music is seen as part of a full entertainment by bringing emotional nature Negro as part of the business. Vocal styles in blues rhythms, free improvisation with tones arranged in harmony. Leaps at the bottom and the upper register shows singer expertise.

Type the sad song of the American Negro, designed in tempo is not too fast, began to be known in 1911. Original blues songs usually consist of 12 bars are arranged into 3 rows, each of the four bars in the measures of 4. blues rhythm as the song I've Got a Blues (Rolling Stones).

Variety of latin rhythms like samba, chacha, beguin, mambo, rumba, calypso and other latin rhythms from Latin America, South America rather is influenced Latin culture.

Until now, new music from South America to another almost unknown, except for the music of Argentine composer and Urugay with Aharonian, who struggle for an independent Latin music. Latin songs in a couple of examples: Malaguena (Ernesto), Jarabe Tapatio (deterministic Mourice), Jambalaya (H. Wiiliam), Sway (Julie London), Quondo-quondo (Pat Boone).

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