Vocal Style of Pop Music

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To be able to sing well, required mastery of style or style songs to be sung. A force in the keroncong music, would be quite different from the style of pop or other music styles. To that end, practice rhythm tracks mastered must be considered by a singer. Usually in singing will be accompanied by a single keyboard, band, orchestra or other accompaniment. Good accompanist can be challenging to master rhythm singer.

Pronunciation in a natural and expressive style characteristic or pop singers, besides timbre safer for the singer, also affects the comfort and reasonableness articulation. Pop singer prefers outcome is clear and correct speech than too peg formation techniques mouth.

Pop music means popular music, light music fun and favored by many enthusiasts by tapping on the nature of entertainment. Pop songs or entertainment known as pronouns entertainment. Entertainment in confined spaces is also known as dance music, to the extensive use of open stage known as pop music.

Pop music is strongly supported by the media since the beginning, as opposed to art music, both traditional and contemporary. In general, it is difficult to determine the style of pop music, because the genre is constantly evolving with the current development of the era.

But the most important thing in the pop vocal style is very free in expressing a song. Examples of pop songs like Crazy (Julio Iglesias), Careless Whisper (George M), When I Need You (Julio Iglesias), Something Stupid (Frank Sinatra) and so on.

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