The Nature of Vocal

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By its nature, the human voice can be classified into 4, with the advantages of each are dramatic, softly, coloratura, and dramatic blend softly.

The nature of the first 'dramatic', the default sound more solid. The advantages that can be derived from the nature of the sound is more easily stimulate the imagination audience. The singer who has a voice like Elvis Presley, Emilia Contessa, Tom Jones, and other dramatic voice, most will be better able to deliver a range of picture message or story that contained the song.

The second property is the 'soft' nature of the sounds that accentuate feelings than would accentuate the impression of stability voice. The advantages are more easily singer softly touching the audience. In the industrial world the nature of 'soft' was dominating the singers.

The third 'coloratura', that have all the properties of vocal flexibility or agility are prominent in producing sound. When the singing was light, as if no expense in producing the sound. Coloratura singers like Louis Armstrong, Sal Jearreau, Norma Sanger. The advantage is that it can be a multi-trait singer, has a default as a versatile singer, who could not be owned by all the singers.

The fourth is a combination of 'dramatic' and 'soft', such as the sound of Stevie Wonder and George Benson. The advantages of this sound is easier than bringing the audience into the mood of the song, also touching feeling.

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