Learning English With Music

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Learning English

Not just to enjoy music, but also for learning media can learn English one must note that western song or lyrics in English. There are so many on the market western songs that became our media to improve our English skills. Keep in mind that learning English through songs instead of just one skill, it almost covers all aspects such as listening, writing, speaking, pronunciation, and can add to our vocabulary.

Here are some tips to learn English with songs:

  1. Pick a song with English lyrics that you like. Why should the preferred song? The answer is because we are definitely the preferred song often heard, right? So, do not pick a song that you like.
  2. After choosing a song that you like, you listen to it frequently. After that try to copy the song word for word, sentence by sentence to a sheet of paper or a book you. Once completed you try to check if you copy the lyrics are correct. In this case you learn writing.
  3. After the success of writing, try increasing your vocabulary by interpreting the lyrics of the song. After knowing the meaning of the words from the song's lyrics, the risk is very small because you forgot studied were your favorite songs.
  4. After successfully adding vocabulary, now you can learn pronunciation. The trick is to try either way you listen to the vocalist sings the song with pronouncing each word and try to repeat it. The more you listen, the better your ability to say words to that song.
  5. After that you can learn speaking. At this stage you just sing your favorite songs. Surely if you like a song, you'll want to sing it. When you sing the song, then you learn speaking.

Only with an English lyric song we can learn English from listening, writing, vocabulary, speaking to pronunciation.
Samuel Kurnianta
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