Black Metal is Music Of Satan ?


Metal, or more specifically, Black Metal, mortgaged-pawn so vividly genre of music is a testament to the adherents of Satanism. Each subject in this world always has two sides, black and white. Surely we can be a human being "more mature" when he saw something wisely. And, it does not necessarily generalize a thing in a negative stigma alone.

Satanism and behaviors included therein, is the thing that has always been associated with black metal music today. I wonder who started it, but the underground community as just about cult believe it. Occurs as uniform idea, that became the Black Metal musicians should be someone that the Anti God. Many ordinary people sneer Black Metal music as unfit to be heard and put forward to the audience. In short, if all the Black Metal musicians satanic human should, or should all followers of satanic black metal music plays?

The existence of Black Metal (as a genre) could not be separated from the name of Venom, Heavy Metal band that stood at Newcastle United in the early 80s. Initially the band was much influenced by the concept of wide-band music band LED ZEPPELIN, BLACK SABBATH and DEEP PURPLE. At the same time, the champion of Metal in other places also began to appear. Call it Bathory from Sweden who started his debut album in 1984, and CELTIC FROST Hellhammer from Switzerland, Mercyful Fate of Denmark, SODOM from Germany and many more.

immortal black metal

Echoed the Black Metal is also marked by the birth of black metal bands in Norway such as MAYHEM, Burzum, DARK THRONE, IMMORTAL and EMPEROR. They are also often referred to as the second wave of Black Metal band.

In Sweden the country, not least the band was inspired scenes in Norway kinds of Marduk, Dissection, DARK FUNERAL, LORD Belial, NIFELHEIM and ABRUPTUM who has character and musical concepts are slightly different from each other. Not much different from the conditions in Finland, too many pop bands that carry black metal like Beherit and Impaled NAZARENE.

The musicians from different countries that have different ideologies from each other. Unless Mayhem and Marduk are plugged satanism as musical ideology, there are many Black Metal bands are not only struggling in Satanism.

Nihilism ideology, Paganism, the National Socialists and the cult of the gods ala the Vikings also color the Black Metal music scene along the way. This is the one factor that is strong enough references that prove that Not All Black Metal Musicians adopts and lifestyle Satanism or vice versa.

Simply put, Satanism and Black Metal is a separate entity that stands on its own. Black Metal musicians as a whole is not the concept of satanism as we often hear in the public conversation in coffee shops, supermarket, restaurant, newsstand, which assumes that Black Metal is misguided music, babble, not worth hearing and a stack of scorn even scolding and other harsh blasphemy against the music.

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