Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich Less Liked Music Era Now

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Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich
Los Angeles - Actor music many who think that the music industry is going down in terms of both sales and musicality. Not a bit of the blame on technological advances. However, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has a slightly different view on this matter. It also supports the concept that carried many sites streaming music service providers such as Spotify.

"I believe that streaming was nice .. It was a choice, for the record label. 15 years ago people did not have that option," he said as reported, recently.

He also revealed that he was not too fond of contemporary music. He did not feel connected, in contrast to when youth first.

One reason I increasingly do not connect with the music of today is due to fewer great music that exists. Many things are played now only be heard while, a sense of knowing this, it, not people like The Beatles or Miles Davis or Jimmy Hendrix who invites us into a world of music that really we do not know, "said Lars Ulrich.
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