Justin Bieber And Usher of Tracing song?

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Justin Bieber - Usher

Singer Justin Bieber and Usher recently accused of plagiarizing the song they were singing. The song 'Somebody To Love' which became the main material copyright infringement cases reported by Devin Copeland and Mareio Overton. Devin and Mareio is a songwriter who claimed that 'Somebody To Love' is the result of their work.

Devin explained that the song was intended for his own album entitled My Story II in the year 2008. Devin explained well if the song had it playlists to Usher. From there Devin suspicious if Usher had plagiarized the song without permission. Not only that, Usher also claimed that the song his own.

In such case, Devi and Mario already sue to the Court of Richmond, Virginia, United States. After the defeat in the first trial, Devin appealed to the Usher simultaneously record label.

In ruling that Halim recently broadcast on television that chorus in the song are both similarities do exist. Justin Bieber released the song in 2010 with remixed and re-released. As a result, the song 'Somebody To Love' was able to occupy the 15th position on the Billboard charts.

Until now, the Usher, Justin Bieber and their record label has not given any statement regarding the case. Allegedly too, Usher and Bieber gets the demands of Rp 133 billion.

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