Vowel Articulation Multiple (Diphthong)

by Samuel Kurnianta , at 8:25 PM , have 0 comments
Vowel articulation multiple

The letters that are preceded and followed by an open letter enclosed letters. For that is the pronunciation of the letter that precedes pronounced longer and slightly pressed, then move smoothly into the sound that followed.

In it was an easy transition going the other sounds such as the 'au' to 'ow' or 'ai' to 'ey'. In order to keep singing beautiful then do not change the pronunciation of the sound, but also do the two letters are pressed one at a time.

Samuel Kurnianta
Vowel Articulation Multiple (Diphthong) - written by Samuel Kurnianta , published at 8:25 PM, categorized as Articulation , Education Music , Music Zone , Techniques , Tips and Trick , Vocal , Voice . And have 0 comments
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