Learning with Music and Lyrics

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Are you tired of constantly trying to learn English in the traditional way - simply by memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules? Although it can be very effective, it can be boring as well. Let us see how music can make English Study abroad easier and fun!

Learning with Music

Do you have a favorite song in English? Meet the lyrics on the internet, and print. Every time you hear a song, sing. Quickly, you'll know the words by heart, which means you have to memorize words and new phrases that you can use! Plus, singing along to follow the singer's voice can improve your pronunciation and word emphasis.

Songs can also improve your listening and critical thinking. The next time you listen to English songs, close your eyes and listen carefully. Try to choose words that you know and who does not, then take note. Use the lyrics, the singer's voice expressions, and tone of the song to form a picture in your mind about the meaning. But remember, sometimes difficult to distinguish the words of the song are sung quickly.

We all experience difficulties in learning time. Fortunately, the remedy of the problem also lies in the music! Insert CD of classical music while studying - very good for calming you. Also helps you to concentrate more, focus on what you learn and improve your ability to remember words. In addition, this will reduce noises that disturb other around you.

Next you need to memorize vocabulary or phrase, try to make it a "Jazz Chant." Think of a simple rhythm and fixed. Applause or leg to help you creates rhythm. Then start reading vocabulary or terms aloud, emphasizing the sound of the word or term is important. Do not be afraid to make it into a song, singing the words and new phrases aloud.

In school, we sometimes use rhyme to help us remember facts, such as the alphabet song. This poem makes learning so much easier! Try to make any of the rules of grammar or vocabulary. You will remember it more quickly and have fun!

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