Differences Playing Music and Learning Music


Learning Music

Almost everyone can "play music". For example, to play the guitar, someone quite within 15 minutes to learn 3 accord (chords) are C, F, G, and he was able to play the guitar to accompany the singing. "Play music" is categorized someone "in principle" to play a musical instrument regardless of the quality of the game. Usually played quite easy and very simple. When studied, techniques and interpretation fingering not considered or performed a song. In other words, "play music" = "play instruments with original sound".

Learning music has the connotation of learning to play a musical instrument properly. Someone had to learn to sit with the correct position (or holding musical instruments), can read music, know the dynamic song (forte / or piano hard / soft), knowing the history of music and the name of the composer, and to know music theory.

"Play music" is just a very short time, because the origin can be important, but "learn music" taken with a long time, even years to reach a good game. You can certainly guess, that "learning the music" will bring students / children of skilled and have very different qualities than his friends who just play music.

Many courses or music school that provides lessons "play music". That is, students play music "nonsense" without doing the correct method. When tested, the pupil is way below the benchmark average. Pupils learn to read music, know the rhythm, sitting with the correct position, knowing the dynamic, the name of the composer and music theory.

An estimated 80 percent of American adults think will improve the value of music lessons or improve the learning ability of children. The kids really got a lot of benefits of learning music, according to experts, from pride through learning a new song up as a channel of creativity.

A lot of parents ask us whether they should enroll their children to learn music, even though they feel their children have no musical talent at all. This way of thinking is very wrong, because music is a process of learning informal learning is very important, in particular to provide a balance of the right brain and the left brain.

Lessons in schools usually train children to think with the left brain (mathematics, memorization, etc.), and the music will balance the right brain (plays beautiful music with feelings should use - the natural right brain). Kids can be like music without talent, and it has been proven that with consistent practice and a good teacher guidance, children will be able to play music so well despite not having talent. Liking and appreciation in music has nothing to do with talent!

Differences Playing Music and Learning Music 4.5 5 samuelkurnianta Almost everyone can "play music". For example, to play the guitar, someone quite within 15 minutes to learn 3 accord (chords) ...

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