Secrets of Creativity in Music


Creativity in Music
Creativity is like the wind: a glance, invisible and difficult to catch. Some people allow themselves to relax and relax, let the creativity come to their own. Some people even work hard to get creative. I'll tell you how you can do something that is fun and easy to bring their own creativity that is desired by "listening to music".

At work, I use earphones to listen to music while I work to solve the program codes. I could listen to the type of music that is highly variable. I possessed new age, instrumental and pop. I also have a backdrop of music with vocals Japan, Spain and France. I also listen to music from video games and anime.

How do I get the creative work? By bringing my mind to the place that is more "high" so I can "see" more of everything. Secrets of creative genius and imagination comes from high-frequency vibration in mind. You can listen to music in order to increase the frequency of your mind, so you can get to a higher place where creativity will come with a free and happens by itself.

Perhaps too philosophical explanation above. On the physical side, the music and me wake-energizing your mind and body. Have you knock feet on the floor while listening to your favorite song? Music with a fast tempo gets your heart pumping every cell in your body to get creative! If you try to obtain creativity will just relax too passive. Trying hard to get creativity will not work well. Listening to music allows you to actively reach creativity and in an easy way. Because creativity will come by itself.

What is the key to the selection of music? Highly variable. You need to have music with a fast tempo, slow and medium tempo music. If you only have music with a fast tempo (eg, pop / rock), your mind will be closed due to fatigue. It would be a very good flow of music interspersed with graceful, to give your mind a rest pause. This prevents your mind trapped in a void and will provide continuous stimulation. Thus, the function of "shuffle" feature on the ipod is very excellent and useful.

It is useful also when you listen to music that can evoke strong emotions. I have a few songs that could cause grief, joy, peace or pop song can touch the heart with amazing lyrics. I can sometimes shed a tear. I was able to smile and laugh no control. I believe in having a wide range of human emotional side is that the fastest way to create creativity.

Another key to the selection of music is familiarity. You should be familiar with most of the songs so you can sing the song and still be able to work (such as writing the code in my case). I have not memorized the lyrics of many songs but the songs may be familiar. It might even be better if you do not know the words, because words can cause more severe your mind, especially if you are trying to work.

My personal experience is usually after listening to about 2 or 3 songs, I get into the mood for action. After about 15 minutes, I get into what some people call "The Zone". It is a process where I quickly get an idea, can think of graphic design, produce algorithm and my fingers can work quickly over the keyboard typing code. "The Zone" is where you find out everything. If you ever reach creativity, you'll know when you're in The Zone. Everything will flow naturally.

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