Meghan Trainor Cancel the Concert Due to Sickness

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Less pleasant news comes from Meghan Trainor who is now bleeding on his vocal cords. All About That Bass hitmaker was also forced to cancel a concert in Atlantic City and Connecticut.

Instagram account, Meghan posted a video and photos that reveal the petition apology to his fans.“I don’t want anyone worrying but I have had a haemorrage on my vocal chords,” Meghan writes.

Very sad and uncomfortable with his present condition, Meghan then went to a doctor in New York to treat wounds in his vocal cords. With the bleeding, Meghan prohibited from speaking at all. In the video he uploaded the 21-year-old singer just write the words on their cell phones.

"I never miss this tour. It could have killed me. I wish a speedy recovery to be able to continue the tour we have planned. I hate this because you have bought a ticket to come to tour it but I had to cancel it, "said Meghan in the video."

With health conditions especially regarding capital itself to sing, the fans Meghan called Meghatronz it still could tolerate because the idol to cancel the concert. Instead fans Meghan pray for a speedy recovery from pain they experienced. Meghan Trainor speedy recovery!

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Meghan Trainor Cancel the Concert Due to Sickness - written by Samuel Kurnianta , published at 4:21 PM, categorized as Music News . And have 0 comments
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