New Album Justin Bieber feat Kanye West

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Justin Bieber apparently is preparing to re-entertain the fans with his new work. Former girlfriend Selena Gomez is planning to release a new album in the near future. Unsparing, Justin Also plans to hold the big names for the album.

The plan, Justin will hook the Kanye West to Collaborate in this new album. In an interview with USA Today, Justin reveals a different name that will in hooks for the album.

"I'm finishing my new album now. I will collaborate with Kanye and Rick Rubin," said Justin. "I'm not in a hurry with this album, so I'll wait until everything is finished."

Not stingy, Justin then gives glimpse of the concept album. According to 21-year-old singer, this album will be different from the previous work.

"I do not want to say 'this album is different', as everyone says it is. But this is different. This album is the adult version of me and I think people will be surprised," said Justin. "Everything will change. What do you guys think so far is what you are going to write. And now that I think about it the more positive, which completely changed my music."

"I have to return to work on my new album. Actually already finished, but I guess not fit with me now," added Justin about the album that marked a change in him. "I wanted to share my story but I also want to give the fans hope. I had lost hope of some time ago, I also had to be in a dark point. But this is a way to get out of there. It's about knowing that out there is no light bright. "

Justin revelation is of course more to make fans curious about the album. Unfortunately, the singer of "Home To Mama" was not willing to reveal when the album will be released.

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New Album Justin Bieber feat Kanye West - written by Samuel Kurnianta , published at 10:31 PM, categorized as Music News . And have 0 comments
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