Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Collaboration

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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris near the middle of the current note. Their closeness is called dating turns continues to another project.

Taylor and Calvin rumored to be collaborating for their latest music project. Taylor who was deeply interested in trying EDM music was very excited to do a recording with Calvin. After Calvin tried hard to send the songs in Taylor, Taylor finally agreed.

"Calvin has been trying hard to convince Taylor, he has sent some songs to Taylor," said a reliable source. "Calvin wants to work with Taylor and finally he agreed."

Taylor reportedly never imagined himself to be an EDM artist but he chose to try all things and trying to give birth to the music that can be enjoyed by everyone. "Today Taylor is in full swing created EDM song with Calvin," said one of the crew of Universal Music Brits party to the media.

Although there is no official confirmation of both these artists but with music that was born together would only stay calculate the time. Netter considers a blend of music's former lover Harry Styles and Calvin will give birth to a unique music and are looking forward to the first EDM song from Taylor Swift.
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