Experience Gwen Stefani collaboration with Eminem

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Eminem ft Gwen Stefani

Los Angeles Gwen Stefani recently collaborated with Eminem in Southpaw movie soundtrack, Kings Never Die. Southpaw itself is a movie about a boxer starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

In collaboration with Eminem is something awaited Gwen Stefani. Gets the opportunity that he did not waste it. "He is very great. A true artist. 'Strange man' true," he said.

Gwen Stefani also revealed that she had felt nervous when receiving a call from Eminem in front of their children, especially because he suspected Eminem will speak using languages such rude in his music. Understandably, Gwen Stefani using loud speaker bluetooth device in his car.

"I'm driving a minivan with all my children in and someone called. And I was like: 'Hello? This is it! (Eminem)', then he says: 'Hey thanks for working on the song' And I was like: 'You do not understand, there are my children in the car. You can not reach me now. Do not say any bad words', "he said.

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Experience Gwen Stefani collaboration with Eminem - written by Samuel Kurnianta , published at 8:05 PM, categorized as Hip-hop , Music News . And have 0 comments
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