Korean Girl Group (K-Pop) Reportedly Will Disperse

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Korean Girl Group (K-Pop)

Recently K-Pop entertainment world shocked by the rumor is not good. The rumor says that one of the girl group that has been quite popular rumored to be disbanded. Well, who?

According to a source, the confusion that occurred in the girl group due to the disappointment of the personnel of the management. They assume that management is too career driven one of the personnel, call it A.

In addition, the body forms a very ideal and best performances is also one of the factors hatred of the personnel. Hatred of the personnel that was heightened when the management gave permission to the A to plunge into the world of acting.

Of course, this makes other personnel became furious. In fact, one of the other personnel, call it B, immediately filed a lawsuit to the management.

The protest was also arrived at ears A. He claimed depressed and issued a statement addressed to other personnel. "Will you be satisfied if I get out of this group?" asked A.

A decision to leave the group apparently was not kidding. In fact, the source stated that there is no more chance for the group to survive.

Meanwhile, rumors are immediately got the attention of netizens. They call the name miss A and Secret as a girl group would disband. Is it possible that either one of the girl group will be disbanded?
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