Selena Gomez Officially Announce New Album

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Selena Gomez

After making fans wonder about her new album, Selena Gomez finally go to vote. He recently announced the album title and release schedules via his personal Twitter account.

In working on this new album, Selena apparently not kidding. Justin Bieber's ex-lover will be presenting different songs from the previous album. It will show the maturity over the years.

Through video uploud on his Instagram account, a close friend of Taylor Swift looked wrote a series of letters the title of the album. At the end of the video, the viewer can read the title of the latest album Selena, "Reveral". He also deafening album release date "Reveral", ie on 9 October 2015.

Meanwhile, netizens welcomed the new album Selena. Not a few netizens who praise and support new artists who celebrate his birthday was. "I particularly liked the name you chose for the title of your latest album," wrote one netter.
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