Javanese Gamelan So Illustrated 'The Hobbit' Movie


Javanese Gamelan -The Hobbit Movie

When working on the second film of the Hobbit movie trilogy, Peter Jackson was deliberately looking for a new sound of music, particularly the music of the East. This is what started the involvement of Javanese gamelan, Gamelan Padhang Moncar, in New Zealand in the film that also involves animators Indonesia, Rini Lewis in the cultivation of character animation. This all began with the participation of the ensemble in several performances Padhang Moncar New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, a group that worked on the illustration of music, particularly Western music for the movie The Hobbit.

Music Director of The Hobbit contacted New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and they gave me the name to see the gamelan, "said Music Director of Gamelan Padhang Moncar, Surasa Budi Putra (44 years), told VOA reporter, Dhania Iman, recently.

Process until the election of gamelan music to be used in the illustration the Hobbit movie is not short. The Hobbit movie parties do not necessarily agree that only for use in the cultivation of illustration gamelan music. After seeing the group's direct gamelan Gamelan Padhang Moncar, Budi then give an example recording of gamelan music to be heard further.

"The next step, they came up with the crew and tried to record the voices (gamelan). After that they try to incorporate the tones that they want in the gamelan sound, like there is in the trailer, "said the man who also works as a lecturer in the gamelan in New Zealand School of Music in New Zealand.

One scene in which strains of gamelan sounds is when a character Bilbo Baggins, played by actor, Martin Freeman, running over treasure in the Lonely Mountain, home to the dwarves that have been taken over by the dragon Smaug or. The sound of jingling gold coins stored in the Lonely Mountain is exactly the sound produced by the gamelan. "The sound of the orchestra has been mixed with the sound of music to another. Perhaps of many scenes that no sound of gamelan, because it kind of sounds recorded a lot, "said Budi who has lived in New Zealand since 1996's.

The members of the group Gamelan Padhang Moncar is entirely local residents and citizens of New Zealand International also proud of their involvement in the cultivation of the Hobbit movies music illustration this time. "We see this is something extraordinary, because the millions of music (selected) why should gamelan? And incidentally why should we? So amazing, we love to. Although little yes, (but) could be involved in this film illustration. If the millions of music on offer 'would not be involved in the musical illustration Hobbit?' Surely all want answered. But we do not ask. We asked. This is something incredible for me, "the man said.

"My hope gamelan hopefully this can be known, not only the people of Indonesia, "he said. "Hopefully with this engagement can trigger or encourage us all to love gamelan, gamelan develop, which ultimately sustainable gamelan. Not lost, "he said.
Javanese Gamelan So Illustrated 'The Hobbit' Movie 4.5 5 Samuel Kurnianta When working on the second film of the Hobbit movie trilogy, Peter Jackson was deliberately looking for a new sound of music, particularl...

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