Articulation Syllables and Rules in Singing

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Articulation in singing

Singing all syllables are concatenated, if there are two consonants lined, well-connected without beheading. Secrets of the speech clearly lies in classifying words that expresses a sense, with the stems on the unity of the group of words, each word will have a reasonable position. Thus, people do not just hear the words, but also can get that.

If a syllable closed with a silent letter, then the letter should say dumb new tone on the eve of the next break or at the beginning of the sentence following the last note.

If the music in one sentence uttered two consonants in a row, the first silent greeting letter should be delayed until just before the next consonants. Silent letters are always pronounced clearly.

Letters: m, n, l, r, w, ny and ng that follow short vowels should be sounded immediately. If it falls short letter on a long tone then the final blow of the tone, the vowel abandoned and replaced with a consonant.

Digraph sung with long notes, should be arrested on the vowels first, then gradually flow into the second vowel.

All words that begin with vowels not begin with the eruption and without hearing the letter opener (h, m or n), should begin with a soft and uncertain.

Vowels sung for several different tones, sung continued without separated with 'h' without swinging, but with each one sounding a legato tone.

Samuel Kurnianta
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