Bass Guitar Notation with Tablature

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Bass tone is a sound that has a low frequency. In musical notation using low tones key signature F. Writing notation bass guitar often comes with tablature that shows the position of note on the fret. For more details see the following picture:

Bass Guitar Notation

Tablature (TAB) is a picture of the position of the notes on the fretboard that help show the location of a particular tone in the fret. Bass guitars are generally standard stringed 4 pieces, tablature denoted by drawing a horizontal line 4 pieces. Tablature is used to determine the position of the tone on the fret, if the player is not used to read notation. Each line of the tablature shows four strings on the bass guitar. For details, see the following picture:

Bass Guitar tab

The picture above shows played bass guitar tone, pitch location indicated by the tablature below the stave. The number on the right side shows the string number ranging from the smallest string. Number 0 on the TAB line shows the open position without pressing the string or strings.

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