How to Play Bass Guitar Finger Position

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Learn to play bass or guitar is almost the same challenges, and the key is to be patient and diligent practice. The code used when play bass guitar finger position with code fingers on the bass guitar. Code fingers are:

Left hand :

left hand bass guitar
the position of the left hand bass guitar from the front

Placement on the neck should be adjusted to the bone structure. Left thumb for the left hand axis motion behind the neck, did not become the foundation of strength. Fingertip left thumb but decisive tone on the surface of the fret board. Pressure centered on the left fingertips in order to reach maximum sound.

left hand bass guitar behind
the position of the left hand bass guitar from behind

bass guitar code fingerAt Finger Left:

T = thumb finger / thumb
I = index finger / index finger
M = middle finger / middle finger
R = ring finger / ring finger
L = little

bass guitar fingerstyle Right finger:

1 = index finger / index finger
2 = middle finger / middle finger
3 = ring finger / ring finger
4 = little finger / pinkie

bass guitar finger position
The main picker index finger and middle finger. Thumb, ring finger and little finger are used for muting of unwanted sustain tone. The thumb is placed on the wide side of the neck pick-up or top chord as a crutch to help in the right hand finger strength index and middle fingers to pluck the strings. If using a plectrum plucking, thumb and index finger holding a plectrum. To stop unwanted sound can be used as palm muting.
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