How to Tune a Bass Guitar

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tuning guitar bass
Instruments bass guitar is almost entirely made with solid materials. This instrument has four strings but there is also the 6 string with an array of G, D, A, E and C, G, D, A, E, B. In order to sound in tune when played bass guitar, then bass guitar should be in tune. Here are some how to tune a bass guitar you can do:

A tune with a tuning fork

Tone strings / strings A (string 3) under conditions of open strings / no fret is pressed, likened to a tuning fork tone A. Further note A on the E string (4th string, 5th fret pressed) is equated with the 3rd string open strings, so the strings D to 2 D is equated with the tone on the A string and so on.

Tune with the tuner

Connect the output to the input jack bass tuner tuner and turn, pick each string adjust the tone by looking at indicators tuner. In general, the indicator on the tuner, such as LED lights, or view meter needle.

Tune with the fine tuning harmonic tone

How to tuning the fine tuning technique is the technique of string tone equates to 1 with the other strings through the passage of loose strings lightly touched by the finger of the left just above the fret to 5, 7 and 12.

For example: the G string on the 5th fret D string in conjunction with the 7th fret. Two-tone harmonic sounds simultaneously. When the tone is less precise pitch voice that wavy (vibration). Before the strings one confused with the other strings, string 3 (A) must be equated with the standard tuning.

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