How to Pluck a Bass Guitar

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How to pluck the bass guitar has 2 kinds namely the index and middle fingers, using a plectrum or pick. Pluck the index finger and middle finger:

pluck bass guitar finger

pluck middle bass finger

Playing techniques for using the right thumb rest stroke technique are fingering a chord then rests / breaks on the other strings. To get a steady and stable sound thumb resting on the upper side pick up. Index finger and middle finger alternately plucking strings. This method is widely used by musicians jazz or soul.

Pluck with plectrum

bass guitar plectrum

How plucked with a plectrum is as follows:
  • plectrum held tightly by using your thumb and forefinger.
  • try to stay relaxed hands and arms.
  • Swing the plectrum on the strings with the movement down and up. Strive picking with the same power, so getting a stable and steady voice.
bass guitar pick plectrum

Plectrum have different thickness: thin, medium and thick. In playing bass guitar plectrum use thick, as was done by the bass player homage to rock or metal.

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