Bass Guitar and Electric Guitar Care Tips

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bass guitar care tips
Have a electric guitar/ bass guitar lustrous (shiny) who does not like. If the strings are rusty, replace it. If not, is not just bad play, but her voice also becomes erratic and destructive fret. In addition, our fingers also get sick. Not to mention that the strings were broken and then hurt our hands. Get used to replace a set of strings at once. This prevents the sound difference between the new strings and long strings. So if the string is long and lost one of them, it is advisable to replace all of them. Following Bass Guitar and Electric Guitar Care Tips:


Fretboard is the breeding place of the finger sweat grime and dirt. If left too long, can be widened crust. Every time you change the strings, fretboard clean it all with a guitar pick, then wipe with a sock materials.
We do not like slamming guitar / bass because it will affect the voice and body. Because the guitar / bass is the instrument is quite expensive


  • Loosen all the strings used when completed
  • Put on the back of the special bass guitar
  • Enter the hard case when not in use for a long time
  • Clean with a soft cotton cloth. Use an appropriate cleaning fluid for body care.


  • To produce a good guitar needed
  • Devices adequate
  • Pick up a good quality.
The sound quality is good bass guitar depends on:

  • The type and size of the strings;
  • String of good care
  • The strings maintain cleanliness
  • The strings are treated by using a soft cotton cloth rubbed oiled special cleaning
  • Clean strings regularly starting from the bottom up as she sought not the body paint.


  • How to care amplifier is:
  • Use it did not exceed the capacity of natural ability; Turn the volume is not too loud or too used on other instruments
  • Always check the integrity of the electrical connector cable, jeck
  • audio and others
  • Make sure the amplifier is off after use.
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Great article! I've been teaching myself the guitar and it's been going well but I'm now looking for online guitar courses, can anyone recommend anywhere?
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