Technique Makes Elephant Sounds with Guitar

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Mechanical Elephant Sound is a guitar technique popularized by the guitar god Eddie Van Halen. Herman Li (DragonForce guitarist) also often use this technique as "Game Sounds" which sounds similar to the sound in the game. This technique is very simple. It only takes Electric Guitar that comes with Whammy Bar. A selected in channel amps OD. We recommend using the blunt end of a pick.
Elephant Sounds Guitar
Elephant Sounds Guitar

How to play:
1. Turn down the volume on the guitar master
2. Play a natural harmonic, respectively, of: 5 strings 3rd fret, 2nd fret 7 strings, and the strings are 1 fret 12.
3. Press the whammy bar handle with the left hand.
4. Open the master volume of the guitar with his right hand while loosening the pressure whammy bar on the left hand.

How, this is not something that is difficult is not it? if you've wanted to try the technique on guitar making elephant sounds and your sound? Skill playing the guitar should be in grindstones, techniques still need to be trained. Good luck.
Samuel Kurnianta
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