Chromatic Tones

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Chromatic tones are the tones that are between 2 tones within 1 (tone). For example, between C and D there is a tone of Cis / December The distance between the barrel is a half tone / semi-tone.
Chromatic Tones
The tones of the C major scales called chromatic tone, tone row in each of the bass guitar is one fret. Tone when the ride plus the # (sharp) name is eg C tune up plus half called Cis.

If the down half plus mark (mole) name plus the suffix tone ice as B Becomes Bes for only vowel plus the suffix s such a being As. If you play on the fret with the open strings in order, then the resulting tones are chromatic notes as follows:

Chromatic Tones bass guitar
How to train starts chromatic tones of the open E string, first finger on F, 2 Fis finger, third finger 4 finger G Gis and so on.
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