Acoustic Guitar Playing Techniques


acoustic guitar playing
In playing acoustic guitar we must consider the attitude or ordinance that play songs that we bring to work well. Therefore, try to play the guitar in the best possible position of the left hand and right hand to be able to move as freely as possible, and use a foot stool that should be in front of the chair where to put your left foot.

Left hand finger exercises:

This exercise aims to strengthen the muscles of the left hand fingers, place your fingers one by the left hand on the strings behind the fret V 6, 2 finger behind fret VI, VII fret finger behind third and fourth finger behind the fret 8, as in the following figure.

guitar finger

Then move the finger 1 to 5 strings on the same fret positions, without changing the position of the fingers 2, 3 and 4. Also move the fingers 2, 3 and 4 to 5 strings on the same fret positions.

Repeat the exercise until the string 1. After reaching the strings first, train it upwards motion, but practice starts from the fingers to the 4 then followed by the fingers 3, 2 and 1. In doing this exercise, do not press your thumb is too strong, try to come to move up and down according to the movement of the fingers. The location of the thumb behind the neck of the guitar position to deal with finger 2.

Exercise your right hand fingers:

Fingers strum the guitar strings with the right hand: Excerpts apoyando (rest stroke) which pluck the strings with the fingers resting on the next string after the fingers pluck the strings in question. This method is also commonly known as lean passage. This quote is an excerpt of the most basic and most useful in the game, especially for the guitar solo tones. After passage, the finger rests on the strings near the direction of passage.

guitar Technique

Apoyando passage Exercises with 1 open strings, strings picking 1 with a finger (i) after completion of the finger i have to rely on second string open. then do the same thing for finger m, while playing a tone with finger m, with the same time raise a finger (i) so regardless darin strings.

When viewed from the side turn gives the impression of two fingers like a pair of legs that are running. Repeat the exercise with the passage of the same, but with different strings are strings 2, 3, 4 and 5 with a variation of the finger (i) (m) (i) (a) and (m) (a) are alternated.

Excerpts tirando (free stroke) which pluck the strings with other strings leaning after the fingers plucking strings.

guitar picking

This method is often referred to as picking dodge, because the fingers herein should not be lean. Fingers pluck the strings without hitting the other strings. This passage is an excerpt kind used to play Chord or arpeggio.

Acoustic Guitar Playing Techniques 4.5 5 samuelkurnianta In playing acoustic guitar we must consider the attitude or ordinance that play songs that we bring to work well. Therefore, try to play ...

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