Secrets of Stradivarius Violin

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Does anyone know of a Stradivarius violin? Of course they only answer the most expensive violins in the world. Of course there is a secret behind of prices so extraordinary for a violin.

Stradivarius Violin

How much for a Stradivarius?
At that time the violin was sold at Christie's auction house in New York. This violin prices reaches 2 million U.S. dollars! Or, when administered exchange rate is now about 9.3 billion dollars! In fact according to the latest news of the highest auction price of U.S. $ 3,544,000 on the date of May 16, 2006. Fanstastic prices for a violin.

What makes the Stradivarius violin has a very high price?
This violin has a distinctive voice that has the beauty and mystery that is unmatched. The beauty of the sound of the violin is still a mystery.

Why beauty Stradivarius violin still a mystery?
Because many scientists are trying to create a duplicate of the Stradivarius violin by combining various science to make the same violin. But their efforts have not managed to make a violin the same.

What affects the sound quality of a Stradivarius violin?

Many factors affect the quality of the violin. One of them is the quality of the wood. The wood quality affected by the climate and the weather becomes a tree.

The second factor is the age of the wood when it's getting longer while also meeting growing wood density. Violin wood density also affects the sound quality of the violin. Therefore, the second violin was not much more expensive than the price of the first buy.

The third factor is designed by the violin maker Antonio Stradivari is the perfect fiddle with the geometry so as to produce a violin that produces crystal clear sound and volume are greatest.

The violin has a history that is etched by Antonio Stradivari. Antonio Stradivari was born in 1644 in Cremona. He published a Stradivarius violin in 1698 and 1725. Antonio Stradivari has made more than 1101 instruments such as violin, guitar, viola, and cello. Roughly the last number only about 650 pieces. For violin only 100 pieces that survive today are recorded in the world.

However, many counterfeiters Stradivarius to benefit himself. So if we are not careful will not be fooled by the "Stradivarius" is another.

Samuel Kurnianta
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