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The band is a musical group or a group that consists of several musical instruments players (player) and a singer (vocalist). Such is the sense of the band in general. Speaking about the band there is a lot of pattern formation personnel. Conventionally there is a vocalist, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, and a drummer. At a certain genre of music there is also a unusual tool player or non-conventional as brass players on ska, hip DJ music metal, or a percussionist and Latin jazz. Regarding the types or genres of music the band also there are so many variants of genres that exist today. Starting from the old era of the genre (Oldiest & oldskull) revived, genre blending the old and the new era (post era), modern popular music genre to genre of music that is really fairly new, still feels strange.

Based on the study and observation of works in a variety of genres from the era, which will then be applied and processed through a manual installation with original equipment or real rigs. Although essentially no guidelines or rules of thumb that states that genre sound A character should be like this and so forth, but at least there is a style and character that must be learned and understood that what we pour through the voice through the arts can be fused with soul of the genre of music that we bring.

Here we will discuss the concept of sound for rock music in general. Although a variety of sub-genres therein terdabat could not reconcile between one another. Like Rockabilly, Rock n Roll, Classic Rock, Hardrock, Emo Rock, British Rock, Punkrock, Hiprock, Space Rock which masing2 has a different style and definition. Derived from the English language (Stone) who represent the philosophy that rock music is hard as rock music. Rock music is more straightforward in conveying his message in both the lyrics and music. Regarding the sound should not air tight expectation that Rock music should have a distortion guitar sound, although distortion guitar itself is part identical to this music. Let more about the structure of the sound on the works of rock music that became references or masterpiece that we use as a role model.

Starting from the drum sound that tends to puch character with very high transient and fast. At the kick sound more dominant in beater namely (dig) is not roomy cavity bass drum (dum) although the frequency sub 40 - 60Hz should still be felt. On the snare tends Fast attack, sustain minimum (tak / dak). Normally when using a tuning tone then benchmark bottom snare or resonant tuning in E and its membrane top or batter head tuning in D or C. But they will be tuning the tone is not absolute, can all be processed by the tastes and needs. For other kit can adjust the kick and snare colour certainly adapted well to our taste. Then the sound reproduction process for all mugged kit with good quality microphone that is appropriate to the character of each kit. Coupled with the ambiance as overhead and room mic.

On bass sound more taste hot, tight and solid with a frequency range that is tailored to the needs of mixed composition. There is a type of rock music that his bass playing in lowrange there is also a play on the mid and hi range, but the dominant feature in rock music over mid or hi frequency. Usually to sound like this instrument needs using active internal wiring that are also optionally can be in or on the bass instrument amplification. For example the bass Bartolini active component wear or use a Hughes & Kettner amp that has power and solidstate preamp with a switch activated Eq. Then otputnya issued by a 4 × 10 cabinet speakers + horn and use a dynamic microphone or condencer for sound reproduction.

Many also use an external booster stompbox preamp commonly known as a familiar example of a product that is used Tech 21 SansAmp or Hartke Bass Attack. Of the various series rigs stretcher course sought is a character that suits the taste Bassit. Want to clean and solid character who (paramore) or character lowrange but dirty (muse), or mid & hirange overdrive with a thin layer (blink) please be creative to create the character of each of you as a bassist.

This is the dominant instrument in the spotlight on the genre of rock music. Where the guitar plays a strong patern with frenetic sound blaring coupled with lead-wrenching. But it is not enough simply. Let's examine these instruments tend to sound in a bit more detail. The guitar is a unique instrument because the character set of all circuit equipment (total rigs). These instruments are not sufficiently represented by the character of the guitar pickups or construction, or not enough only with a guitar and distortion effects but through good amplification process to get ideal output.

In rock music could use solidstate or tube amps. There are many different types of amps are suited living adjustment musical tastes and needs. Suppose that we stretcher genre is rock modern American style could use hi gain amps like Peavey or Messa Bogie. Or the music we want to highlight the british soud thick distortion could use Marshall or Orange amp. For setting the head stack amps separate cabinetnya no benchmark against brands like Marshall should use, etc. cabibet Marshall.

Can we combine eg JCM 900 head in connect with Messa a 4 × 12 cabinet to get a solid sound character with a wider frequency range, bottom or low frequencies that more taste and hi frequencies and a more detailed presence not shrill and not dominant in the midrange only. Exploration whatever we can do with the combination of head, cabinet, stompbox distortion or overdrive booster, plus a variety of experiments in process can miking dynamic mic, condencer, ribbon or can also combine it with a variety of miking techniques.

In today's digital age has been very much a virtual rig that simulates the guitar sound on the computer system and can be used in a variety of DAW. For the process of recording digital simulation has been arguably quite good, but you need to live needs to think 100kali to apply through desktop guitar rig pc or notebook in the installation stage. Just to learn there is no harm in using the software, but for more serious work it feels like there is no pride if the guitar sound on the work of our songs are processed through the software.

Although the choice of gears that we have or that the studios do not provide as much existing software but from there will be no complacency and privileges that are part of the history of the production process works created as a direct tinkering with experimental equipment. Try and error is not a substitute for the preset. Moreover as perfect as any virtual technology obviously will not be able to match the privilege of analog technology that completely manual, especially on the guitar. Please see for yourself the results amps sound reproduction with native speakers will feel the difference in articulation is also on the depth resolution of his voice. Let's listen to the works of the western band guitar sound may seem obvious though his voice did not insist on balancing placement dominate the front.

For rock guitar sound distortion or overdrive is the main color of the guitar sound will represent the hue of our music. Whether it higain, british or american distortion, overdrive or dirty hot fuzz, etc., specify colors from now on you guitar distortion.

Piano & Synth
In the rock era just preceding the function of this instrument for polishing compositions complement aransmen to better create the desired shades. But in today's era of rock synthesizer instrument there being the primary or dominant instrument. Adding a distinctive feature of the music that carried the band, with a sound-sound that is more varied and unique, plus-patern patern creative and make infinite exploration of rock music that sounds more dynamic and futurustic example Carparknorth and Muse. There also are putting synth sweetening plays lead2 just short or just blocking layer cords as usual. Sound-sound that is widely used in rock music is categorized hard leads, arpegio, string section, organ, and stacato matrix pattern sequencer. To get the maximum sound is certainly needed reliable equipment is also a case of an analog synth, electric piano or a digital synth with professional series.

"The color and the character is your vocalist" simple enough because it is a vocal sound produced from this process in human organs. If you are setting up the band is vocalist then adjust the style and color to your music sound to the color and character of the vocalist. If you are going to form a band with the concept of music and sound that is ripe but not yet have a vocalist then choose a suitable vocalist. Do not let the wrong vocalist eg wedding singer or choir children so withdrawn for rock vocalist! So it'll actually amusing too neat and formal impressed no free improvisation and the raw rock sound that represents your desire. Except that you select is indeed a multi-genre vocalist. But it must be remembered back to the quotes above because the color and character of the human being as determined by the vocalist was selective in choosing the vocalist is not enough talent to be able to sing a rock song but soul and attitude must also have however Rock vocalist is also iconic frontman for sale as the main messenger of your song material.

Use the above references as a guide to the concept of rock music sound so there is no awkwardness or ambiguity in the sound patterns that we order for the genre of music that we stretcher. But the most important addition to the technical equipment and sound concept is the man behind the gun! Everything kept going back to the capacity of the player as a musician for a good play accordance with the genre of music that was delivered.
The Concept of Sound in the Band 4.5 5 samuelkurnianta The band is a musical group or a group that consists of several musical instruments players (player) and a singer (vocalist). Such is the...

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