Brief History of Guitarist Mark Tremonti


Guitarist Mark Tremonti

Full Name: Mark Thomas Tremonti
Place / Date of Birth: Detroit, Michigan / 18 April 1974
Gaming Style: Alternative Metal Grunge
Group Band Previous: Wit's End, Creed
Group Band now: Alter Bridge
Musical Influence: Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer, Venom, Celtic Frost, Kiss, Pearl Jam
Admired guitarist James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Kim Thayil
Favorite Album: Master Of Puppets (Metallica)
Used Guitar: PRS Tremonti signature, Ramirez Classical Nylon, K12 Taylor Acoustic, Danelectro guitar
Amply: Mesa Dual Rectifier, Mesa Triple Rectifier, Fender '65 Twin Reissue (2) Mesa 4x12 Standard Straight Cabinets (2), Mesa 2x15 Custom Cabinets (2)

Mark Tremonti - perhaps better known as Creed guitarist, Alternative Hard Rock band ever raised. As a musician who wants to be a top, slowly but surely he continued to hone his musical ability to be a capable guitarist. Through style and game characteristic it in "Alter Bridge", the world is now crowned as the guitarist to be reckoned with. Especially after he completed a solo album which is a dream in distributing idealism in the work. Games distortion guitar hard and dense melodies are characteristic. Despite loving the game solo, but his music remains grounded in a standard format so that the songs of her albums can be accepted by all people in the path of the rock.

At the age of 11 years the two brothers began to introduce the music of rock gods such as KISS and Metallica. Mark unnerved most make is the album Master of Puppets Metallica-owned group. Mark was very inspired by their music. Then at Christmas 1985 he acquired his first guitar Gibson Les Paul models battered for $ 25 from a man who asked him to play in his band. Mark agreed and she immediately enrolled in the course guitar, but eventually it came out 2 weeks later. "They even taught me Mary Had A Little Lamb, and I want to learn Master of Puppets", he reveals the reason out of the course. He later learned to play guitar by himself and searched his favorite songs to be exact.

When a 16 year old, he began more wild. He started smoking and wearing a white T-shirt Megadeth behind her school uniform. In this school then Mark met with Scott Stapp for the first time, then Mark finally learn more about religion and the Bible. This is the first time in school he formed a band called Wit's End. Then he had started to become a rock star in the school play songs Motley Crue and other metal bands.

After graduating high school and then he went to college at Clemson University for a year before then he returned to Florida, and a reunion with Scott Stapp. At this time, his guitar playing has increased dramatically, and after discussions with Scott, they agreed to form a band. After jamming a few times did they then agreed to seek bassist and drummer. Finally elected Brian Marshall and Scott Philips also named their band Creed. Then they established the Creed in 1995 by recording their first song titled Grip My Soul. After a while, Mark Creed raise money with other personnel to release their independent album by setting up a label named "Blue Collar Records". Creed then release their debut album titled My Own Prison in 1997.

The album spent only $6,000 production cost and only made ​​6000 copies. Mark and his friends began touring in America. Finally, a major label named Wind Up glance Creed and re-record the album My Own Prison. The album was later marketed aggressively and single My Own Prison and One became a top request on American rock radio stations and also perched on the Billboard charts and MTV. My Own Prison album sells like hotcakes, and sold over 5 million copies in just a few months and won only 6 platinum in the U.S. alone, not to mention when added to the sale outside the United States.

Albums are then further raising the next name is Mark Tremonti Human Clay on 28 September 1999 earned 10 platinum. The album's hit single candidate 3 Are You Ready?, With Arms Wide Open, and Higher. Then they began to be equated with name bands such as Nirvana alternative grunge, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, etc. after winning awards Grammy Award for Best Rock Song over the song With Arms Wide Open. However, different from the band's equally Grunge other wing, the lyrics of the song Creed always smelled spiritual because Mark does have a religious background that is strong enough from his family. After that in 2001, Creed release their third album, Weathered. The album was once again a success following the previous albums and won six platinum in America, while in Asia the album was certified double platinum by relying on three hits single One Last Breath, Hide My Sacrifice and the latter became favorite song of the album page. Even Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit vocalist) and Marilyn Manson were previously considered trash band Creed is then turned 180 degrees after hearing the album Weathered.

Guitarist Mark Tremonti is considered as the best in the genre and era are able to survive with his music today. He also received the award for Best New Talent and Guitarist of the Year from various media. Starting from models of Gibson Les Paul guitars battered, now he already has his own signature guitar. Currently he uses the guitar Paul Reed Smith Mark Tremonti Singlecut and Mark Tremonti Morley power wah pedal.

In 2004, Creed officially declared broke. This is because Mark and other personnel do not fit with the vision of Creed Scott Stapp who want become more religious band. Mark and two other members then agreed to form a new band called Alter Bridge with Myles Kennedy as interesting vocalists.

Mark Tremonti began to look special in the affairs of the lead guitar since he formed the "Alter Bridge," particularly on a song called "Open your eyes." Alter Bridge he began to enjoy the freedom from the chains that bound him over so that his guitar playing look so off. Creed is a band formed with the provisions do not require the guitarist to play the lead melody aransemenya format as well as the era's trend of music require. The strength of the American Rock guitar is flavorful with a touch of metal is very pronounced in his solo album project. The music is almost exactly the Creed, only this time Mark with bold soloing guitar more than 4 bars in the debut single Open Your Eyes. Courage is a given in this millennium trend guitar solo less attractive to the public.

Mark Tremonti is type of guitarist that likes to play with sound solid rhythm and melody exploration towards the climax. That's why sometimes he puts the guitar melody at the end of a song so that the life of the song really uplifted emotions to the point he wanted. In his solo project's debut album "All I Was," he played with the rhythm of the music getting faster until there is no longer any doubt in reaching idealism.
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