Riffs Album: Queen and Black Sabbath Guitarist

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Queen guitarist, Brian May, reportedly is planning a collaboration album contains melodic cultivation guitar with Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi.

Queen and Black Sabbath Guitarist

"When are we going to record riffs album together? You know what I'm talking about "said Iommi. May replied, "Yes, I know what he was talking about and I am very, very excited. Recordings that he should be talking about is a secret but I think he leaked it now. "

Then May widen the conversation by telling me how he came to the studio and was amazed by some of Iommi of Black Sabbath material that is not used. "I think it would be great to make a compilation with the songs. The idea is to collect all the riffs in a format so that people can make their own songs from there. You can make your own music with the guitarist Iomi! "

Meanwhile, the recently crowned May Person of the Year 2012 by PETA UK because of his efforts to help stop badger culling. Representatives of PETA, Mimi Bekhechi, gives his opinion on May. "In the struggle to save ferrets England, Brian May never give up: he spread the message of animal ibanya think through everything he say, write, and more to the world sit up and take notice. Tenacity and courage is an inspiration to all the good people around the world, "said Bekhechi.

Weasel Britain is in danger from a regulation that allows farmers to shoot raccoons to prevent tuberculosis in cattle for the first time applied in Gloucestershire.

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