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Heavy Metal guitar
Heavy Metal has several characteristics, which are the hallmark of Metal music itself. Heavy Metal guitar sound is characterized by a harsh, strict rhythms, bass and drums are solid, and the vocals sound strong / loud. But on various metal subgenres exist that emphasize, alter, or ignore one or more of these. With that Heavy Metal is a kind of hard rock that is less blues but show more rude and pushy. This type of band has a band consisting of a drummer, a bassist, rhythm, lead guitar, and singer, who is not a player or players. Keyboard instruments are sometimes used to enhance the fullness / loudness.

The electric guitar and the sonic power, has become a key element in heavy metal. Guitars are played using sound effects to create a thick, strong, and "heavy". In the early 1970s, several groups began to popular Metal accompanied by two guitarists. Bands that follow this pattern such as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden who have two or three guitarists, consisting of lead guitar, bass and rhythm. Central elements of Heavy Metal is a guitar solo, which is a form of Cadenza. This genre developed some things that, in a more complex guitar solos and riffs become an integral part of the style. Guitarists use sweep-picking, tapping, and other techniques for fast play, and many styles of Metal emphasize the "virtuosic".

Judas Priest, one of the metal bands that accompanied the three guitarists. The role of lead guitar in heavy metal often collides with the "frontman" or bandleader is usually the role of vocalist. In Heavy Metal sound reflects an emotion of the singer, and it is a necessary thing in the Metal sound technique. In Metal sound technique, tone of voice is more important than the lyrics of the song are sung. Singer Metal has many variations in style, ranging from multioctave, plays as did Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford and the Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson is, And the song in the style of a hard as the lead singer and vocalist Lemmy Motorhead is that James Hetfield of Metallica , So many singers evolved Death Metal.

Live performance or concert is the most important thing for a Metal Band. Why is that? That is because when the metal band doing a concert, the band seemed to be in power metal, and always wanted to show things - things that look too much like the vocals and the music. By doing so will make the figure of a band. In Metal, are the essential elements of metal is the sound of a strong / loud, color tone and voice control. Because it can make the loudness of the music so much that listening to music and give encouragement to any music.

Characteristics of Heavy Metal 4.5 5 samuelkurnianta Heavy Metal has several characteristics , which are the hallmark of Metal music itself. Heavy Metal guitar sound is characterized by a har...

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