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Digital music is basically a form of harmonization of sound created by the recording of analog instruments (conventional) or digital musical instruments (which were made with the aid of computers) are stored and processed with a computer-based media technology. This digital format can store large amounts of data, long-term and large network. Digital music itself has developed over time starting with LPs up to CD or MP3 file. Currently the Digital Music itself has grown in such a way that the only form of a file (music) in a format that can be played using a MIDI or IPod.

A new innovation in the field of digital music is music, format MP3, OOG, or WAV Digital Music began issuing repercussions. The number of digital music player that supports this format makes the new era of digital music. Now, with the presence of the iPod as a portable music device ever invented sophisticated, there's a comfort blend of portability and functionality as a platform truly universal. Another thing that supports the transformation of the media Digital Music is an act of major labels who left Digital Music System Protection or Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Until the year 2007, the major labels are still not sure of the removal of DRM would boost sales of the album because without it the Digital Music distributed freely among consumers, which means there is no income for the label. There are several websites that provide songs that can be downloaded directly (free) or paid. The song is offered digital format.

Music in digital format has several advantages over the music in the conventional medium, namely:

  • format that can be customized with a variety of technologies used.
  • quality similar to that of the master copy facilitate doubling of the recording company without lowering quality.
  • sales process with a single approach or a single song proved much more effective and efficient than conventional medium such as tape or CD.

With all its advantages, Digital Music has some drawbacks as well, namely:

  • Ease of recording and copying recordings spurred piracy which of course would be detrimental.
  • Digital Music deployment on the Internet can not be fully controlled by the label thus affecting revenue for labels.

Digital music has revolutionized the way we enjoy music. Digital music fix every way, we can not doubt that. I do not know about you but I have the memory of listening to my favorite music.

Digital music is phenomenal that everyone has started and enjoy the music of today and continues to enjoy music. Enjoy music is fun and happiness to your life, use each step to enjoy the music.

Digital Music Players 4.5 5 Samuel Kurnianta Digital music is basically a form of harmonization of sound created by the recording of analog instruments (conventional) or digital music...

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