Winner of The X Factor 2012 - Melanie Amaro

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Melanie Amaro X Factor 2012
As the winner of The X Factor USA first, the name Melanie Amaro is already not sound familiar to most music lovers internationally. How not, melodious voice has proven capable of beating the other contestants. Welcoming the new album which will be launched in December to come.

Melanie Amaro, winner of the inaugural talent show, "The X Factor (U.S.)", has finally released his first debut single "Do not Fail Me Now" from nearly eight months after he welcomed the winners of the talent show. Produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, will be included in a single absorbed Amaro debut album scheduled for release this fall.

Opened with a hook that is also the chorus, this song is a pop dance song with a rhythm that is very easy listening. Lyrics 'So do not fail me now, feet do not fail me now' became the anthem she sang this song repeatedly. The lyrics told of the efforts of the main character to get someone that he longed for. In the lyrics, he continues to reverberate to avoid anything that would thwart his intentions.

Unfortunately, the songs produced by Rodney Jerkins and written Livvi Franc, the game beat less dynamic and 'hit', so all the songs we will be presented with a tone that seemed flat and less than the maximum. For a pop dance song, this song is clearly visible as they 'play safe' because the rhythm that seemed to invite the listener to sway, but rather fail to realize it because the song is less upbeat. Beats breakdown there also was very brief and casual. The lyrics even less variation, so it sounds pretty boring. Fortunately, a powerful beautiful voice Amaro issued during the song can be a bit up the slack of the song.

Behind it all, as the first single, the song is arguably quite nice and very radio-friendly. But of course, as a winner of the talent search competition, spectacular things clearly still expected to come from the sweet girl turned 20 this year. We'll see in a later singles!

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