Harmonica Musical Instrument

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Harmonica wind instrument
Harmonica is a musical instrument that is most easily played. Just stay blow and suck harmonica would sound pretty good. Harmonica derived from traditional Chinese musical instrument called 'Sheng' which has been used approximately 5000 years ago since the empire Nyu-kwa.

Modern harmonica was found in 1821 by Christian Friedrich Buschmann. A simple brass instrument consisting of vibrating plates of metal arranged in horozontal with poor design and only provides inflatable tone chromatic scale.

The initial design of Buschmann finally widely copied and modified for the better. One example is the harmonica Richter made a preliminary design of a modern harmonica. In 1826 he developed a variation of the harmonica with 10 holes and 20 plates still shakes with the separation of the plates were blown and the exploited. In the end, the tone created by Richter called a tone and a tone standard diatonic harmonica.

Seydel Family 1847 "Johann Christian Seydel and Christian August Seydel" previously was a family of miners in Sachsenberg-Georgenthal / Saxony began to develop the business of making instruments harmonica in because mining operations are stopped. Harmonica manufacturing plant in place in Klingenthal under foot mountain 'Aschberg'.

In 1857 when German clockmakers named Matthias Hohner harmonica decided to become a producer. With the help of his family, he was able to produce 650 harmonica year. Hohner harmonica introduced to North America in 1862 a move that brings a manufacturer Hohner harmonica number one producer separately. In 1887 Hohner has manufactured over 1 million harmonicas annually. Now, Hohner has manufactured more than 90 models of different types of harmonica, tone, and model. That allows to play various styles of music ranging from pop, blues, rock, country, ska and other sundry.
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