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Music and Lifestyle
The position of the heavy metal genre as a sub-culture in his position as opposition from the parent culture, psychologically it produces a spirit of brotherhood among musicians and fans that create fanaticism and lifestyle.

In the era of the initial appearance, heavy metal spirit is indeed voicing rebellion against mainstream culture, most of whom carries a negative lifestyle, when in fact many of these negative lifestyle undertaken also by those who are not lovers of heavy metal. Even this kind of music was banned in some countries because of fear of fanaticism to a new sub-culture may erode the value of - traditional values.

Fanaticism is happening in some individuals, for example, only want to play or listen to heavy metal music or take a completely negative lifestyle of his idol musicians (including his idol looks and behavior).

Today, heavy metal music can be regarded as not fully sub-culture, so there is no need to narrow fanaticism in music, no longer need to be a bigot as imitators idol lifestyle. In this era, not all metal musicians have such a negative lifestyle in the early era of heavy metal. Then aggregated - choose what is good and in accordance with your soul.

Metal music by some often associated with confidence - confidence. In fact beliefs metal music lover and performer is varied, in general there is theis (religious), atheists, agnostics, Satanism, paganism, mysticism, and so on. But the variation is not the only faith among heavy metal, among other musical cultures too (pop, rap, classical, etc.) or even among scholars / scientists also found variation in confidence as it is mentioned earlier.

Lyrics - the lyrics are delivered in the metal music is more straightforward and wide, there are about divinity or Satanism, ideological, philosophical, nationalism, idealism, war, peace, apocalyptic futurism, political and social criticism, love, paganism, mythology, secular, positivism lyrics, negativism lyrics, things - things that absurd or crossed eyes of ordinary glass, and so on.

In the metal music, people do not just look at the vocalist just as in pop, or simply as a guitarist and vocalist in the blues. In the metal music, all components considered musicians have the opportunity to be the best in its field (guitarist, vocalist, bassist, or drummer) according to the concept of metal music.

Fanaticism Music and Lifestyle 4.5 5 samuelkurnianta The position of the heavy metal genre as a sub-culture in his position as opposition from the parent culture, psychologically it produce...

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