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Halloween Metal Band
Helloween is  metal band that I first heard this German band appeared with their first album entitled "Helloween" in the 1980's. The album was very well known at the time was "Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I" in 1987 with the hit "Halloween" inspired many metal bands in Europe.

History Helloween: Helloween's history began in 1978 when guitarist Kai Hansen and Piet Sielck formed a band called Gentry and after experiencing their disassembly personnel change into Iron Fist featuring Ingo Schwichtenberg on drums and Markus Grosskopf on bass. Piet then come out and be a sound engineer bands like Blind Guardian, Grave Digger, Gamma Ray and his personal project, Iron Savior. Then came Michael Weikath of Powerfool, and changed his name to Helloween in 1982 in Hamburg.

In 1984, they recorded two songs for a compilation album Death Metal Noise Records. Helloween record "Oernst For Life" written by Weikath and a song titled "Metal Invaders". With Kai Hansen doubled as vocalist and songwriter, recording their debut mini album titled Helloween (contains 5 tracks) in early 1985. Walls of Jericho album and mini single "Judas" was released a year later, and the media began to be surprised by Helloween interpretation of the classic heavy metal.

They won so many fans in mainland Europe, but Hansen is still not satisfied with his ability to sing and play guitar at the same time, and after the tour Kai suggested Helloween to find the right vocalist to raise Helloween. Helloween: 1987-1989 Ralf Scheepers from Tyran Pace is their first choice, but they finally found a very good vocalist of a local band called Ill Prophecy. He is Michael Kiske, who was then aged 19 years, who have high and clear voice and style of singing was much inspired by Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson. This new formation proved their new powers on the stage and in the studio.

They wanted to record a double album at first, but the Noise refused. And they release the Keeper of the Seven Keys I, which is undoubtedly a power metal album that is very influential in Europe. The combination of power and melody that their stretcher widely followed by the band at the time, and suddenly made a superstar Helloween power metal, even opening for Iron Maiden, Armored Saint and Grim Reaper. The success they also reached the USA were even invited to take part in MTV's Headbanger's Ball Tour.

Interrupted his busy, they still managed to record the album Keeper of the Seven Keys II in 1988. They are increasingly establishing themselves into power metal band's most successful album sales and a return tour in the U.S. with Exodus, and Anthrax. Penetrated even this album charts in the UK, but the songwriting process (especially long song written by Kai) to start the crisis in Helloween. Their show at Donington Monsters of Rock Festival reinforces their existence, but for Kai, her dreams come true also to the culmination of his ambitions within the group.

Surprisingly, in December 1988 Kai resigned from the band that has been raised, and claimed that Helloween was too big for him so it is difficult to control. Kai later formed his own band under the name Gamma Ray. The members of Helloween is not being backed up, they attract former personnel Rampage, Roland Grapow replace Kai and had successful tours in the UK. Helloween: 1990-1993 company EMI was interested and contracted them because Helloween have any problems with the label, Noise Records. Helloween terminate the contract with Noise and joined EMI. And they lost in court and must pay compensation to the Noise and prohibited album release outside of Europe and Japan. Because of the complicated financial issues, they did not produce the album up to 2 years.

Some also released a live album (Live in the UK in Europe, Keepers Live in Japan, and I Want Out: Live in the USA) was released to impress the fans during the hiatus. And they also got help from Management Sanctuary (Iron Maiden, WASP) to stay afloat. Little by little they began to believe, woke up from a long break, they release an album with an unusual title Pink Bubbles Go Ape in 1991. But the album is even less identity Helloween, many get criticism from fans and media, writing songs that are not in focus. Even worse, rumors circulated that the cultivation of the album is filled by internal conflicts among personnel. The album was full of uncertainty was followed by the sale were not as they had hoped.

In 1993, they release a bad album, Chameleon, and exacerbating tensions between personnel rumors that started to rise. It is starting to look at that period, Ingo experiencing stress, using drugs and alcohol and had been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Ingo was replaced by Richie Abdel Prophet during the tour. Ingo suffering from Schizophrenia since birth. It is only known at the time he was undergoing rehabilitation drugs such as cocaine, doping and alcohol are extremely adverse effects on brain function and cause difficulty in speaking.

Basically, alcohol can delay the effects of schizophrenia for a while, but it will still appear every time someone has aged 30 years. A disease that is difficult to cure. It is a burden for Ingo and finally Weiki should make the decision to ask Ingo no longer play for Helloween. They talked for 5 to 6 hours, Ingo was rejected and wants to keep playing for Helloween. Ingo did not understand the conditions he was and did not undergo the treatment well. And one day, he committed suicide by jumping toward the subway trains passing by.

At that time, both EMI and Sanctuary decided to stop their losses and let Helloween to determine their own destiny. Helloween had signed a contract with Castle Communications. Helloween: 1994-2000 Then they also tried to get up as soon as possible, they attract new singer Andi Deris of Pink Cream 69 (one Weiki favorite bands) and former Gamma Ray drummer Uli Kusch and then record the album Master of the Rings in 1994. At Andi states would join Helloween, Weiki and management call but Kiske Kiske rejected. Although the reason for calling was to decide the fate of Kiske, but the meeting too did not do because the result is obvious. Kiske was fired.

This album marks their return to the music they should like the album Keeper stretcher. The album was released almost a year later in the USA with the bonus B-side contains all the Master of the Rings. Once they felt they had back on track, they recorded the album The Time of the Oath in 1996, and surprisingly the album became their best album since the heyday of the album-Keeper. This album is dedicated to Ingo. And they released a live album High Live! in 1996 and indicates that Helloween has returned to the international arena of power metal with his success back in Europe and Japan.

In the same year, also released a solo album Kiske Instant Clarity. In 1997, Roland release his solo debut entitled The Four Seasons of Life which contains the singles "I Remember" and featuring Ralf Scheepers on a song. Andi also release his solo debut titled Come In From The Rain with the single "1000 Years Away" and "Goodbye Jenny". A year later they release The Pumpkin Box that contains their best songs from the years 1985-1993 and contains four discs with interviews. In March 1998 they release the album Better Than Raw.

In 1999, Roland release Kaleidoscope album a success in Europe and Brazil. Mark also released a side project entitled Shockmachine featuring Uli on drums. Uli also produced and release his album Catch The Rainbow, a tribute album to the band Rainbow with German musicians. Kiske release of his second album Readiness To Sacrifice. Helloween then release the band's album cover that inspired many in the album Metal Jukebox. Andi was close this year with a release of his second album Done by the Mirrors. They began in 2000 with work on their new album with producer Roy Z.

The management wants Helloween recorded the dark side of their metal music and the result was the album The Dark Ride which was released on October 30, 2000. Weiki not like the musical direction taken. Producers seem to crave Helloween with a new style and more nu-metal Roland as Roland could follow very fond of digital production, similarly with Uli. But not with Weiki who was not involved in the cultivation of this album. Weiki not want this album as an album Helloween. The difference in musical direction and selection of tracks made by management are then led to tensions within the band, and was followed by the dismissal of Roland and Uli.

Helloween: Helloween 2001-2004 Weiki want to return to the track with a new lineup. During the process, attract Helloween guitarist Sascha Gerstner of Freedon Call is only 25 years old. A guitar player who has a lot in common with Weiki, know to play the guitar properly. He also helped Mark in workmanship song "Liar", he wrote three songs for the album Rabbit Do not Come Easy, produced Charlie Bauerfeind was released in May 2003. This title is given to show that the band is back again better Keera ("happy"), as an expression of that how similar the launch of an album when compared to performing tricks pulled a rabbit out of a hat.

In July 2003, Helloween prepared in Hamburg, preparing for their longest world tour. Since the beginning of september month tour, fans around the world cheered performances Helloween, which are getting better than ever. A sign that the addition of new personnel will run smoothly. In October 2004, Helloween start the post-production of their new album.

Helloween: 2005-2009 In early 2005, precisely in February 2005, Schwarzmann and Helloween began experiencing discrepancies. During these tours, and then she saw the whole personnel of the differences between them, they do not entirely share in terms of their musical path. Schwarzmann decided to keep helping Helloween during the production period until a replacement is found Loble Dani, former drummer RAWHEAD REXX which is a great fit for Helloween. 've Heard rumor that Helloween will release the continuation of the legendary Keeper's second album, but until such time in June, confirmed the release of Helloween "Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy".

The first single titled "Mrs.God" was launched on the 4th of July in South East Asia, followed by the whole world on September 5. On October 31, 2005, Helloween released Keeper continuation of the legendary album titled "Keeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy". This album brings tremendous recognition for the band, and be well received around the world. Keseuksesan album and tour sustained very strong and the band also released a live DVD and CD combo live Kombo.

In 2007, two years To celebrate their success, Kombo Live Helloween released the CD titled "Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy World Tour 2005/2006 - Live In Sao Paulo" and Kombo Live DVD titled "Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy World Tour 2005/2006 - Live On 3 Continents ". At the end of 2007, Helloween released the new album entitled "Gambling With The Devils". And again greet his fans with one of the Gamma Ray is a former founding members of Helloween (Kai Hansen).

Brief History of Halloween, Metal Band 4.5 5 samuelkurnianta Helloween is  metal band that I first heard this German band appeared with their first album entitled "Helloween" in the 1980&...

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