Biography: Eddie Van Halen Greatest Guitarists


Eddie Van Halen Guitarists
Real Name: Edward Lodewijk Van Halen
Place / Date of Birth: Amsterdam / January 26, 1955
Game Style: Hard Rock
Group Band: Van Halen
Musical influences: Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page
Dependable Techniques: Two Handed Tapping, Whammy Bar
Guitar: Frankenstein, Peavey Wolfgang, Kramers, Ernie Ball / musicman, Charvel, Steinbergers, Ibanez Destroyer, Fender Stratocaster, etc..
Effect: Intelligent Harmoniser Evantide H3000, 2x Roland SDE 3000 Stereo delays, BOSS SD1 Super Overdrive, MXR Phase 90, Dunlop Cry Baby Wah-Wah, Boss OC2 Octave Divider, Peavey Delta Stomp
Amps: Marshall 100watt Super Lead, Sylvania EL34, 1989 Soldano SLO-100, Peavey 5150

Before the era guitar shredd popularized by Yngwie Malmsteen in 1984, 6 years before Eddie Van Halen had a successful first shook the world of music. Two handed tapping technique or commonly called tapping alone has managed to be absolutely toxic to more than half of the existing rock guitarists in America. Not only tapping technique, he also popularized the style of hard rock guitar playing are very different from most rock guitarists are pretty thick blues game. Eruption guitar solo in the song contained in the group Van Halen's debut album became a surprise primary debate rock guitarists circumstances.

Eddie Van Halen or referred to the short call EVH, was an immigrant from the Netherlands. He and his family moved to America around the 60s. Initially studied piano first and then a bit of concentration in the drum. While his older brother, Alex Van Halen actually learn guitar. Secretly they both steal each other the opportunity to learn an instrument that was not hers. Alex learned the drums, learning guitar EVH. Apparently even the two agreed to exchange instruments. Be then EVH to his guitar. At the time of starting to learn the guitar, he was influenced by the game of Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. Then they formed a band called Mammoth which later became Van Halen with the inclusion of Michael Anthony on bass, and David Lee Roth on vocals. The band was formed in the year 1974.

Van Halen album, released in 1978 broke through the Billboard charts to position 15 and successfully sold two million copies that the cause is one of the EVH guitar solo in the instrumental song, Eruption. Eddie Van Halen's name because he managed to fly directly tapping technique popularized. Although the contribution of David Lee Roth as an attractive and phenomenal singer also not be underestimated, but arguably more EVH name sells. His name is a conversation and many times won the award for Guitarist of the Year by the magazine.

In addition to the trademark tapping technique, also known EVH smile he always show in all conditions. No wonder young guitarists in America is so respected. EVH then made his Fender Stratocaster guitar to be different. Body red with white stripes to be one of the resale value.

The next album future lead singer David Lee Roth to be released is the Van Halen II (1979) and Woman and Children First (1980), Fair Warning (1981), Diver Down (1982), and an album that is one of the masterpieces of Van Halen album the 1984 which was released in 1984. On the 1984 album, EVH keyboard displays a charming game. Instead of ordinary people more familiar with the sound and keyboard in the song Jump game than his guitar techniques. Jump song managed to win 1 on the Billboard charts.

In 1983, before the album was released in 1984. EVH was working with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. EVH participate in projects that will Thriller album sold more than 20 million copies. He was polishing a song called Beat It becomes slightly colored rock and dance. Not forgetting also EVH featuring guitar solos and tapping techniques are rampant in the song. The emergence of EVH in the song received an overwhelming response to the acquisition topped the Billboard charts for weeks.

In 1986, Van Halen changed the formation and decline of David Lee Roth was replaced by Sammy Haggar. Even so, EVH still able to show his best guitar games. His later albums such as 5150 (1986), OU812 (1988), For Unlwaful Carnal Knowledge (1991), and Balance (1995) is still quite capable of extending breath Van Halen in the world of recording. Soon after re-Van Halen vocalist changed with the inclusion of Gary Cherone (ex-Extreme). Gary Cherone Van Halen during widely considered as the worst era marked lack of success with the album Van Halen III (1998). Year 2001 EVH mouth cancer, she was forced out of action for about 2 years to the healing process.
Biography: Eddie Van Halen Greatest Guitarists 4.5 5 samuelkurnianta   Real Name: Edward Lodewijk Van Halen Place / Date of Birth: Amsterdam / January 26, 1955 Game Style: Hard Rock Group Band: Van Halen ...

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