Brian May Guitar Secrets

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Brian May guitar secret
Brian May guitar secret

Many are fascinated with the guitar Bryan May. The reason short, the sound produced from the guitar Bryan May differ from the others. Even Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin guitarist) has ever admitted that the sound generated by Bryan May's guitar more beautiful from it. Nothing wrong with Queen guitarist is able to occupy the top 10 list of the best guitarists in the world.

Actually, what is the secret guitar Bryan May? Bryan May is really weird, other than on the others, because he prefers to use a guitar pick from coins-coins english (sixpence), a coin with a small circle with jagged edges.

He does not use a regular pick because he knows that too flexible plastic pick. other reasons, because he uses the coin when he occasionally uses the jagged edges of the coins to use grated against the strings of his guitar technique. That is the reason why the guitar sounds Bryan May be difficult emulated. Hopefully Brian May Guitar Secrets plays useful for my friend.
Samuel Kurnianta
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