Snare Drum Tuning Tips


tuning snare drum

In general there are 3 parts that need to be in tune Drum, the snare, tom, and bass drum. Drum tuning can not be easily and quickly to do, unlike most other instruments. No tools are definitely like a guitar tuner. But there is a tool called DrumDial that can help to drum tuning. Basically this is just a tool to measure the pressure on the head drum, drum head pressure gauge on each lugs to equal and greater precision when tuning drums, the rest is returned to the "feeling" drummer itself. There are several factors that make the drum sounds good and as you wish. Factors that affect the sound of the drum is a musical instrument:

  1. The acoustics of the room
  2. The type of drum shell
  3. How hard loe press drum
  4. Quality drum
  5. The type of drum head used
  6. Type of muffling (damper / dampers) used
  7. The type of finish on the drums (laminate or stain)
  8. Ventilation of the drum. Size and placement
  9. How do I set rims
  10. To find that "sweet" spot on the drum. Each drum has a specific place where the best sound is consistently

For snare drum tuning, there are 3 parts that need to be tuned in order to produce a good snare sound, the batter head (skin on which to hit), snare side head (under the skin to respond to the snare wire), and the snare wire (wire under snare , which produces the snare).

Start with the batter head (upper shell). Remove the batter head of the shell (body drums). Flex head by pressing the edges to the inside (do not be afraid broken, batter head is very strong). After that, put your head on shellnya. Put the rim (metal ring), and turn the tension rod (bolt) using a hand with crossed sequence.

For example, one bolt then bolt just opposite, and so on. Play all bolts crosswise order, until it can not be played again by hand. After that, turn the drum key (key players bolt), turn 1/2 rounds of all the bolts crosswise. Press the center of the head using 2 hands (do not be scared out of order), the emphasis is useful for mounting head has not changed. At the edge of the head (near the bolt) with a drum key, and make that all sound the same section. Do a few rounds until you get the desired sound.

Then the snare side head (bottom shell). Do it the same way, but be careful with this because it is very thin head (do not do stretching and emphasis). Create tension head is slightly higher than the batter's head, in order to respond properly wire snare.

In order to produce a good snare sound, make a snare wire tension so as to capture the sound of the softly blow though. Do not adjust wire too taut, as the snare sound will be captured.

Snare Drum Tuning Tips 4.5 5 samuelkurnianta In general there are 3 parts that need to be in tune Drum, the snare , tom, and bass drum. Drum tuning can not be easily and quickly to ...

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