Music Therapy: Classical Music Helping to Cure Disease Patients

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treatment of patients with music

Classical music can be a routine surgery in the workplace, after a study claimed that classical music can help make an already anesthetized patients become more relaxed. The surgeon believes that playing classical music to benefit the patients to recover more quickly after surgery.

The recommended classical music is kind of cool-owned Beethoven, Vivaldi, and Bach. Frank Sinatra also often been the surgeons who tend to choose the songs are easy to hear, during surgery.

Undergoing surgery can be a stressful experience for patients. Looking for a way to make the patient more comfortable, it should be the goal of the physician. There are medical reasons as well, which is a calm patient might make patients better and recover quickly.

The first attempt to measure the effect of music on certain patient groups and hints that greater research is needed to determine whether classical music should be part of standard operations.

Patients undergoing minor surgery, the music is played randomly or not at all. Entirely conscious during the procedure. Some of them, who played the music, claimed to have a low level of anxiety and breathing rate is slower than that do not listen to music. Unfortunately, the medical experts did not evaluate whether the effect of Beethoven is better for patients than Bach.

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