Tuning a Bass Drum and Tom

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This section is probably the most difficult drum set. It is important that you experiment with all the different drumheads, possibly damping, and various levels of tension when tuning the bass drum head both. Equally important is to listen to lots of music tuning. This is important because you will know what to look for when your sound set. Doing all of the above will help you find the kind of bass drum sound you like best. Here is a way or steps to tune the correct bass drum:
  • Open all the head, then enter ± 3 cm thick foam, with a width equal to the length of the bass drum, so that it touches both head. For long, for ± 1/2 of the circumference of the bass drum. Can also use a pillow or rolled towel then touched to the bass drum head.
  • Then attach the batter head (skin beater hit the pedal). Turn the screw until the wrinkles disappear (turn by crossing sequence).
  • After that plug resonant head (foreskin bass). Adjust the tension with batter head.
To produce drum sounds good, it's good drumhead (skin / membrane) is replaced with a drumhead that good anyway. There are two types of basic materials maker drumhead, which DuPont and Toray. Drumhead with DuPont base material is the best choice. Some brands drumhead with DuPont base material is Remo, Evans, Aquarian, Dynamic, etc..

As for the tune tom drum, there are 2 types of tom, the rack tom (tom the position dependent), and a floor tom (tom that is placed on the floor and legs straight).

  1. For the batter head, do the same way with the snare batter head. Find a sound that fits with what you want. Do not be too loose, because the sound will break. And also do not be too hard, because the sound will be muffled.
  2. Then the resonant head (head down to the resonant sound). Create tension resonant head slightly lower or equal to the batter head. Make enough to produce sustained.
Well, that's the way I do to get a good drum sound. Never be bored to tamper with and change the setting, in order to get the right sound to your taste.

Samuel Kurnianta
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