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Balalaika - Балалайка
Balalaika is a Russian musical instrument that has been around since 350 years ago. Balalaika is a kind of traditional musical instruments of the Russian guitar triangular form. Most of the balalaika only has 3 strings, but there also has 4 strings. Balalaika made in 6 sizes, the largest size should be placed on the ground while playing. Originally this instrument is from the Tatars (or Tartars) who lived in central Russia and became popular beginning in the 1700s. Balalaika playing Russian folk songs and traditional dances accompanied.

Originally the ancient balalaika is a musical instrument played by the farmers to entertain themselves from the rigors of life. Then balalaika spread among skomorokhs (singer and comedian who wander) are always moving place in Russia. One day they played the balalaika instrument that makes the Russian Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich offended and then Tsar ordered his guards to burn all the instruments and all the pilgrims were arrested, flogged and then exiled.
Vasily Andreyev

After Tsar died, Balalaika bounced back from a long hibernation. In the mid-19th century a young nobleman Vasily Andreyev Balalaika heard in the houses. He was surprised and strange to hear such wonderful instruments. He considers himself an expert on Russian folk instruments. So he decided to make the most popular instrument balalaika. To start playing, he learn them yourself. He decided to refine the game and went to St. Balalaikanya. Petersburg to ask for a violin teacher, that Ivanov to give advice about the musical instrument balalaika. Ivanov at first flatly refused to make a balalaika, but after listening to the awesome Andreyev play folk music, he could not refuse. With hard work and long, they finally managed to produce a new creation that has been perfected balalaika.

To make Balalaika is known by everyone, Andreyev introduced to the retired soldiers and gave them one at a balalaika. That way the balalaika was spread throughout Russia and became a popular musical instrument.

Vasily Andreyev plan to create various types balalaika of different sizes and different sounds. For this purpose he went to Paserbsky and Nalimov who together work to make balalaika. Finally, a musical instrument balalaika orchestra foundation of the Russian, who then toured in many countries around the world and balalaika glorified as part of Russian culture.

The Balalaika - Weird Musical Instruments 4.5 5 samuelkurnianta Balalaika is a Russian musical instrument that has been around since 350 years ago. Balalaika is a kind of traditional musical instrument...

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