Nano Guitar: World's Smallest Guitar

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Nano Guitar Smallest Guitar

This is the smallest musical instrument in the world has ever seen. A miniature guitar made ​​of crystalline silicon, 10 microns long (about the size of a human red blood cells), this guitar has 6 pieces of strings, the strings while the 50-nanometer or equivalent long 100 atoms. One nanometer is 1/1 billionth of a meter.

In accordance with its name, Nano guitar is a guitar that deliberately with a very small or nano-scale. Instead referred to as an instrument, this guitar Nano may arguably smallest miniature guitar ever created by man. Nano guitar has a length of 10 micrometers with strings, each of which has a length of about 50 nanometers. Created by expert researchers in the form of crystalline silicon material.

Though the first nano guitar was created in 1997 at Cornell University, the second model was made in 2003 but the actual instrument is not "played". Because they are so very tiny, tinkling strings can only be heard by their target with the miniature lasers in an atomic force microscope.

Super mini guitar was created with the aid of an electron beam with a high voltage which is located on one of the nanofabrication laboratory at Cornell University where silicon crystal structure is carved with the help of microscopic buffer. Like the guitar in general, Nano guitar is also able to make a sound when the strings are plucked guitar body paa using the aid of microscopic atoms.

The frequency of the resulting sound can not be heard by the normal human ear. It has a length of 10 micrometers or roughly the equivalent of a human blood cell. If you are still having trouble to conceive of how little this guitar, as the comparison is the diameter of a human hair is about 200,000 nanometers.

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